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Iraq Experiment First Strategic Weapon In Global War on Terrorism
-- What one single thing would annihilate al Qaeda's recruitment campaign? -- Progress In Iraq: Training Iraqi Forces -- More Iraqi Officers Graduate in Amman, Jordan -- Aerospace Industry (Boeing) Helps With Hurricane Relief

Remembering Yoni Netanyahu
-- Remembering IDF's daring 1976 rescue of Jewish hostages held at Entebbe, Uganda -- Washington Denounces Slaying of Korean Man -- Washington Responds Firmly to "Torture" Allegations

Feature Issue: Transitioning Iraq to a Democratic State
-- U.S. President Bush on Iraq -- U.S. Deputy Defense Sec. Wolfowitz in Iraq -- Projections for Iraq Post-Sovereignty Transfer -- AIAC Supports "National Aerospace Forum"

About Legacies and Sad Rememberence -- Ronald Reagan 1911-2004
Comment: If there is to be hope for peace and freedom on planet earth, it lies in the glimmer of likeness to Ronald Reagan's clarity of vision, tenacity and unwavering values we see in President Bush. -- "My family and I would like the world to know that President Ronald Reagan has passed away after ten years of Alzheimer's, at 93 years of age. We appreciate everyone's prayers over the years." Nancy Reagan -- The passing of former U.S. President Ronald W. Reagan brings tears of nostalgia and words of warm respect from around the globe. -- Strategic Global defence Posture Review Under Way in Washington -- New Iraqi Prime Minister sounds off loudly in first days since taking office

Sovereignty Handover Within the Month
Terrorists Plot To Foil Iraq's New Freedom -- U.S. President Bush speaks of resolve to hand over sovereignty to Iraqi Citizens, on schedule -- Boeing 7E7 gets Collins Avionics -- The true horror of Abu Ghraib is nothing to do with naughty American soldiers nor naked hazings

Terrorist Warning From U.S. Attorney General
Comment: A 'new' Terrorist Warning repeats what we knew already. -- Afghanistan's new Army and its soldiers are earning kudos. -- Boeing 7E7 in second phase of wind tunnel tests -- British Colombia's Avcorp Grows Employment with new Bombardier Deal -- Two Big U.S. Events on Saturday (May 29) will get TOP SECURITY: WWII War Memorial Opening -- and -- the commissioning of the U.S. Navy's 41st Arleigh-Burke-class Destroyer at Pascagoula, Mississippi. -- and much more

Department of National Defence wrongly foists blame on Hewlett Packard
It started out as Information Technology (IT) support contracts enduring from FY 2000/2001 through FY 2002/2003, issued to what is now Hewlett-Packard Canada Co. (HP Canada) by the Government of Canada on behalf of the Department of National Defence (DND). --|-- Canada to Assist Restoration of Mesopotamian Marshes in Iraq -- U.S. Brigade Moving from S. Korea to Iraq -- DoD Fixes Guantanamo Detainee Rights Criticisms -- Nerve Agent Sarin in Iraqi Roadside Munition -- Canadian Government To Clean Contaminated Sites -- U.S. Full Tilt For June 30 Iraq Hand-Over -- Canadian Troops in Afghanistan Get a Few Laughs -- ATA Airlines' Latest 737 Hits the Record Books -- Study Shows Passengers Prefer Smaller Aircraft -- and much more

Canada and the Anti-Missile, Missile Defence of North America
North American Missile Defence System: Canada in the BMD Regime -- The Video Recorded Murder of American Hostage Nick Berg by Abu Musab al-Zarkawi -- Canadian Forces Mission in Haiti: Update -- Chemical Warfare Agent Test Subject Gets Cash -- CF Buys UAV from Arizona-Based Firm -- Cdn Defence Research and Development: Update -- Standardizing Global Radio Frequency Identification -- China Airlines To Add Two More 747-400 Freighters -- Canadian Helicopters EMS Service Excels -- MH-60s Hits 50,000 Hr. Air Time Milestone -- and much more

The Psychoanalytic Roots of Islamic Terrorism
What kind of culture produces human bombs, glorifies mass murderers? -- Abu Ghraib prison custodians in Iraq commit atrocities. Some recent images from Iraq are gruesome as hell. Others are outrageous. -- U.N. Participation in Iraq Taking Form -- Canadian Troops to Stay in Haiti -- Bremer: Security in Iraq -- and much more

Canada Overhauls Homeland Security
It Is Time To 'Fish or Cut Bait' on Global Security: Canada must make a contribution in Iraq. -- Canada Dramatically Alters Security Posture -- Highlights of New Canadian Security Policy -- Corrupt "Oil For Food" Under U.N. Investigation -- Anan says 'Don't blame U.N. and the Secretariat' -- 1st Challenger 300 Delivered To Corporate User -- U.S. Navy Awards Atlantis SAITS Contract -- and much more

Warning of an imminent Al Qaeda Attack on North America
Another Al Qaeda Attack Warning is Apparent: The rising bloodshed in Iraq shouldn't persuade our view away from the home front. Standing guard with watchful eyes in North America needs to be everyone's responsibility. -- Einstein space test launch gets excellent start. -- U.N. Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi on the Job -- Bin Laden statement and more.

Al Qaeda - Victory in Spain - London and Washington in Danger
London and Washington now in real danger from Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda takes well its lessons learned from experiences, good and bad, and will do a replay on its tactics which have previously worked. March Summaries: Coalition Losses in Iraq To Date; Afghanistan Al Qaeda Update; Canada Reaffirms Commitment to Afghanistan; Iraq Governing Council Annoyed That U.S. Is Releasing Detainees; and more.

Replacing Marine One
Replacing the Venerable Sea King - Marine One. (MV-22 - VH-60Ns - US101 - S-92A) Either new-build helicopter, the EH Industries EH101 or the Sikorsky S-92 meet the specs. and could do the mission admirably. When its time arrives, this will be a substantial procurement by a truly excellent client which needs a significant number of airframes as well as life-time support for the largest flying unit of the U.S. Marine Corp. Needless to say, even without a selection/decision date competition is already fierce and controversial in many circles.

Canada In Afghanistan - Operation Apollo
On October 8, 2001 Canada quickly began a military action in support of its U.S. neighbour which had come under attack on September 11, 2001. Canada's contribution to the campaign against terrorism. Canada's initial commitment for the coalition involved about 2,000 CF members. Navy units were the first to engage in the campaign against terrorism. Deployments to Afghanistan began immediately and Canadian Soldiers arrived in that country alongside American brothers-in-arms.

Land Mines Removal Technology - A White Paper Library
An anti-personnel mine is an explosive device designed to maim or kill the person who triggers it. Mines are indiscriminate in terms of target and time. They go on killing and maiming-soldiers and civilians, men and women, adults and children alike-decades after the fighting has ended.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological And Nuclear (CBRN) Terrorism
A starting point for a broad ranging look into Threat Scenarios, Detection, Super Diseases, BZ Gas, Anthrax, Botulism, Ebola, Glanders, Hantavirus, Pneumonic Plague, Ricin, Small Pox, Tularemia, Typhoid, VX Gas, Tabun-Sarin-Soman.

The six bio-terrorism microorganisms posing the greatest public threat.
The probability that such an attack will take place in Canada has been deemed to be low by the Canadian government. The probability of a repeat attack in the United States (since the Anthrax attacks of 2001) is significantly higher.