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Handle Server: In addition to its own Domain Name Servers, this network also has a Handle System Naming Authority Server (1720/). We employ the handle system to archive and make available to research specialists the past issues and research papers published by MPRM Group Limited in The Wednesday Report, Canada's Aerospace and Defence Weekly. 

The secure Handle System was established by the (US) Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) in concert with the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). MPRM Group Limited operates a Handle Server here at hdl:1720/ You must have the "Handle System Resolver" (browser plugin) installed on your computer. Get the browser pluginContact Us

Direct connection can be made to the handle server on port 8000 (http://hdl.mobrien.com:8000)
URN The Wednesday Report, Canada's Aerospace and Defence Weekly
hdl:1720/Login Paid Subscriber Login
hdl:1720/subscribers Home Page
hdl:1720/help Email the webmaster for help
hdl:1720/twr The Wednesday Report - Archives - Defence and Foreign Affairs Weekly
hdl:1720/search-twr Search TWR
hdl:1720/ URI List For The Wednesday Report
hdl:1720/twr-index - html index of The Wednesday Report
hdl:1720/twr-photos - military aircraft photo wallpaper
hdl:1720/twr-research - defence & foreign policy research series
hdl:1720/twr-navy - Canadian naval fleet combattant and non-combattant
hdl:1720/twr-Gulf-War - Gulf War summary
hdl:1720/gw - Gulf War Index
hdl:1720/twr-editor - the editor
URN Description - Other Resources
hdl:1720/index Refresh This Page: Index of handles at 0.NA/1720
hdl:1720/net tools Scripts and Security Tools. DNS Tools incl. Dig, SOA-Record query, Host & more
hdl:1720/NET Net Tools Calculate: node, mask, subnets +  IP converter, traceroute, nslookup. 
hdl:1720/search-options Search for network and system technical reports, white papers, security papers

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